CBL Logística


We'll be with you all of the way

At CBL we invest a great deal of time and money on an ongoing basis to come up with innovative solutions to deal with our customers' daily problems. In doing so, we work to high standards in order to achieve efficient outcomes in a short space of time.

IT solutions

At CBL we believe that IT is a vital tool that adds to the expertise of our staff in providing a shipping service.

All of our branch offices use the same software and communications system that can be accessed by our customers so that they are able to track their shipments from the point of collection to our logistics warehouses through to their final destination.

  • Status of shipment and notification of delivery

    Tracking system and notification of delivery or collection by telephone, fax, text message or email.

  • Online solutions

    Online service 24/7/365 with status updates of all orders.

  • Interactive online access

    Registration of shipments, collection orders and issue of thermal barcode labels for routing orders.

  • Tracking and tracing orders

    A fast system for tracking the physical whereabouts of an order or collection online.

  • Tracking the history of orders

    The speed and price of past orders can be tracked.

  • Internet, intranet and extranet access

    There is a two-way information transfer between customers, shipping agents, branch offices, suppliers, ports, airports and customs.

  • Notification of deliveries and collections on mobile devices

    The status of deliveries and collections can be given on mobile devices.

  • Electronic proof of delivery

    Customers can sign up to receive electronic proof of delivery.

  • Customer support

    Regular updates are given to customers about the service being rendered to them. Emails are automatically sent to designated recipients to inform them of any incidents.

  • Data integration

    Customers can connect their ERP systems (Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, LB, etc.) to our infrastructure.

  • Functionality

    Automated routines for issuing documentation on collections, orders, deliveries and incidents.

  • Restricted access

    Passwords and usernames can be requested to restrict the access of order status tracking.

  • Electronic invoicing

    Electronic invoices can be sent to bill the services rendered.

  • Document scanning, indexing and digitalisation

    Documents associated with consignments, waybills and bills of lading can be stored, consulted, managed and accessed.